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 Catalpa Ridge Farm
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A Community Supported Farm (CSF) is a sibling of the CSA concept (Community Supported Agriculture). This a grass roots movement that brings together the consumers within a community and local farmers in a mutually beneficial partnership. The consumers are guaranteed fresh locally grown 

produce by purchasing shares in farmers' harvests at the beginning of the growing season. In so doing, the farmers are ensured adequate funds to help in sustaining their farms.  


It's about more than just the vegetables! 

The farmers deliver the produce to central locations for pick-up by the members. Membership prices are based on the farm's budget. The quantity & variety of produce will vary amoungst different CSA farms. We are totally transparent and share all of our information to our members. We have over a 20 year track record & our weekly deliveries are posted on each delivery location's blog for all to see.  To see the variety & quantity that was delivered we have posted the Harvest Season Overview for last year.


We are pleased to provide quite a variety of produce over the harvest season.