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 Catalpa Ridge Farm
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It's about more than just the vegetables!


We are stewards of the land on which we grow your vegetables. Our methods of growing ensure we continue to build soil fertility and use natural practices to control pests. You are able to put the “face of the farmer” on your produce and we in turn are able to put the “face of our members” on the produce that we grow for you. When we harvest your carrots we know where they are going, not simply being tossed into a bin & shipped off to market. They will still be dirty from the soil of our farm and there will be crooked ones.


Photo by Mary Jasch - Dig-It Magazine

You never know what you will be receiving each week (until a day or two before delivery day), but we try to include a variety of vegetables that may be eaten raw or cooked. If you simply want to pick up a bag of vegetables each week, then becoming a member is not for you.

As a community supported farm member you are pledging your support that a farmer has the right to a decent living. You have a right to know where your food is produced and maintain a connection to your food so often lost in today’s society. The Farmer can concentrate on farming and not in finding a market to sell his produce, as the members are supporting the farm before the season begins.

Becoming a community supported farm member also connects you to each other. You are able to meet each week, share stories, and introduce others to the concept of supporting a local small farm.