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October 25, 2016 - Last Delivery of the Season


News from the Fields & Farm:  Tonight is the last delivery of the season. Thanks to all CSA members for supporting our farm.


The seasons always come with a fair share of frustration and this season was no different with the drought conditions during most of the harvest year. Our crew is the best and we thank them as well for their dedicated work ethic during the harvest year as well as their pre-season and post-season work.  


The fields will be cleaned up by the crew starting next week and we have them work until it gets too cold to work outside.


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October 18, 2016 - Frost at the Farm

News from the Fields & Farm:  We had a low of 29 degrees at the farm and two of the fields were covered with a heavy frost. Fortunately most of the tomatoes were already harvested and the peppers were covered in the field.


Most of next week’s delivery will come out of the Franklin Greenhouse and any of the cold-hardy crops still in the field. We plan on also delivering butternut squash. We should also have some green onions and baby leeks. We hope to also be able to harvest the beet greens.


The crew cleared out the back field and harvested the sunchokes. That area was noticeably dry as most of the season has been in drought mode.


October 11, 2016 - Fresh Ginger

News from the Fields & Farm:  We had some nice weather over the end of last week then it turned cold and rainy on Sunday. This was just in time to harvest the delivery.


The Sussex Harvest, Honey & Garlic Festival was great and the attendance surpassed prior years. We did get to meet some of our local members.


You will be receiving some fresh Ginger, just harvested from the Franklin Greenhouse. Overall we were pleased with the outcome. We have to start the ginger in February/March and it takes about 8 months to get to the point it is ready to harvest. It does have to be grown in the heated greenhouse and goes through a few different stages during the early planting cycle.


October 4, 2016 - Garlic Fest Saturday

News from the Fields & Farm:  We had a rainy, cool week. The tomato harvest continues which is great to have heirlooms this late in the season. The tomato plants are close to shutting down now that the cooler shorter days are here. We are hoping for another week.


We had the second new moon in one month with the “Black Moon” appearing on Sept 30th. A black moon is opposite of a blue moon (a second full moon in the same calendar month).


We headed up to Saugerties, NY to the annual Garlic Festival on Saturday. We like to pick up some new varieties to try in the fields for next year. We were surprised that there wasn’t too much color change in the fall foliage up there yet (Saugerties is about 90 miles away). Many are speculating that the drought the area has been having (along with Northern NJ) will mute the autumn foliage colors. The leaves may actually turn brown and fall off the trees before they reach their peak color.


Garlic bed preparation will begin soon. We have to select an area that has loose, good draining soil and check the soil nutrition. Garlic grows best in nitrogen rich soil. Once the beds are ready we can start to plant.


September 27, 2016 - Zucchini Surprise!

News from the Fields & Farm: 

All of a sudden our late planting of zucchini came to life! They got away from us and most are rather large but excellent this time of year for baking up into zucchini bread, stuffed zukes, etc. It is probably the latest in the season that we have delivered zukes. Farmer Rich says the plants still look good so we may actually be able to harvest another crop.


September 20, 2016 - Harvest Moon !

News from the Fields & Farm: 

The Harvest Moon came on the 16th. It is followed by the Hunter's Moon, the Beaver Moon and the Cold Moon to round out the year. We had a super cool morning on the 16th, and 17th – about 42degrees. Then the days warmed up with the morning temps around 70degrees on Sunday. The Autumn Equinox is on the 22nd and the days will then become shorter. We have already seen some of the trees starting to change color.

The crew is starting to map out where the garlic beds will be for planting in October. We plan on preparing a number of beds for both hard and soft neck garlic varieties to be planted mid to late October. We do like to rotate the beds each year to avoid problems with a combination of nutrients and soil borne diseases.

We will attempt to replant the greenhouse on the farm with more salad greens.


September 13, 2016 - Hot Weather returns!

News from the Fields & Farm: 

It is now early September and we are having record high temperatures. We have had to cut back on the hours as it is too hot to work by late morning. The crew is working diligently between 7 am -  11 am each day.


It appears we have an abundance of butternut squash this year. We anticipate starting to deliver them next week. We are still good with tomatoes as most of the plants are still producing. The cucumber plants have shut down but we do have a new planting going in.


September 6, 2016 - No Hermine!

News from the Fields & Farm: 
Hermine was nowhere in site! We surely could use the rain but we didn’t want the high winds that would have come with Hermine. So instead of an ugly day we had cooler temps and not a cloud in the sky.

The days are getting shorter so we have moved our start time up to 7 am instead of 6. No one wanted to wear the mining hats with the lamps on them!!!

The crew took to the field and did some planting. An additional planting of beets, escarole, lettuce and a very late planting of cucumbers.

They also performed some maintenance such as stringing up the asparagus beans.

The tomatoes continue to produce, probably our most productive year in quite a while.


August 30, 2016 - Great Day in Hoboken

News from the Fields & Farm: 

It was a great day in Hoboken at the Annual Heirloom Tomato Festival. It was perhaps our largest selection of heirloom tomatoes that we had available for the tasting. We had over 30 varieties for tasting. Each of the tomatoes has their own distinct flavor and everyone who came to event was able to taste each of them in addition to some apples, garlic & peaches.


August 21, 2016 - Cooler Temps

News from the Fields & Farm: 

We worked in the fields on the off-harvest days to weed. We also cleaned up some beds and planted lettuce (2 plantings). We will reseed some arugula that was lost last week. Farmer Rich admitted he should have waited to plant the arugula a little later as the cooler temps in September would have prevented bug infestation and loss of that crop.

tomatoes on the vine

Tomatoes on the vine in various stages of ripening.


Franklin Greenhouse Report:

The radishes are all up and about a month from harvest. We have a planting of beets ready for harvest over the next 2 weeks. The sweet peppers continue to do well. Unfortunately, it appears that the eggplant plants are not doing as well as past years. We will continue to monitor their status. For seed source for next year, we left a few of the red lettuce plants to go to seed and Farmer Rich saved the seed from those plants. We often will do this for other veggies as well, as this makes a great resource for seeds during the year when we like a specific crop and it does well, we know exactly where the seed is coming from.

August 16, 2016 - Excessive Heat

News from the Fields & Farm: 

The Heirloom Tomatoes are coming along nicely. We were able to transplant lettuce in a shady part of the main field toward the end of last week. The round field is not looking good due to poor it being baked in the sun, though we do have irrigation running. The crew is calling it “death valley” at this point. The plants are fortunately are doing well since we did receive some rain.


It was brutally hot and humid this week and very difficult to work in the fields. We do start early but that didn’t seem to help. On one day we actually “lost” a worker to heat stress. We emphasize safety and when it is too hot we encourage sitting the shade, drinking lots of water and Gatorade and don’t expect anyone


 to return to work until feeling better. The worker was being abit stubborn and passed out though recovered in a short period of time.


Sampling the delivery for lunch at the Farm>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

August 9, 2016 - Blue Ribbons for Michael

News from the Fields & Farm:  Michael placed 2nd place overall at the Open Vegetable Show at the Sussex Farm & Horse Show. He received 49 blue ribbons overall with 3 Best-in-Show exhibits. Congratulations Michael.


We spent the week cleaning up between the rows in the field. It is amazing how when the rains came the weeds grew 10xs faster than the veggie plants. We now have full control back.


The transplants in the greenhouse will be going into the field this week. We did plant cucumbers, a little late, but they should work by the early fall. Virtually all of the potatoes have been harvested and will be showing up in the deliveries starting next week.


The winter squash are coming along really nicely. We probably will start the harvest in about 2-3 weeks. We have spaghetti, butternut, acorn, buttercup just to name a few.


The onions are almost cured in the greenhouse and they will be in next week’s deliver along with the start of the cured garlic.


August 2, 2016 - Great Rainy Week

News from the Fields & Farm:  We finally received more than a brief rain. Over 3” fell during the past week over 3 different days and boy did it really perk the plants up!


We started to harvest the Red Wing Onions from the field. They are now in the greenhouse on the racks curing along with some white Cipollini onions and shallots.


We transplanted, lettuces and escarole. The fields did become too wet to work in. The field tomatoes are in great shape and we have started harvesting. The cherry tomatoes are almost ready to harvest.


The fruit is behind due to the late freeze and we hope to be able to get some fruit from a local farm in the near future.

The harvest 7-31-16


July 26, 2016 - Brief Reprieve


News from the Fields & Farm:  We received some rain last Monday/Tuesday which has provided a brief reprieve to the dry conditions. It is amazing how a little rain can “fluff” everything up. 


The crew worked in the field at the end of the week and clipped up the tomato plants to keep them off the ground. They also cleaned up some of the beds. The arugula and turnip transplants started in the greenhouse were planted into the main field.


Field Work Jul16

We started harvesting the potatoes (Adirondack Blues and Red Norland). We will start to deliver them over the next few weeks.  


We are starting early in the am so that we can accomplish a lot before it gets too hot. The heat and humidity were especially brutal this past week.


Franklin Greenhouse Report: The Oriental greens are almost ready to harvest, we hope for next week. Almost all the tomatoes in this week’s delivery are from the Franklin greenhouse and the field tomatoes are just starting to be harvested. The cherry tomatoes are running late but we hope they will be abundant (it sure looks like they will be).


Weather report: As mentioned earlier we finally received some rain. Less than 2 miles down the road at Diane’s farm no rain fell. We were lucky the receive that rain and hope for more this week. The irrigation system still remains in full swing.  


July 19, 2016 - Dry, Dry, Dry (again)

News from the Fields & Farm:  We spent a lot of the week weeding the beds in the all the fields (main, back and round fields). The newly seeded beans are up and the newly seeded squash are a bit spotty and we will replace those that didn’t germinate.


The Heirloom tomatoes from the fields are almost ready to harvest. They are probably a few weeks away. We have a lot of cherry tomatoes this year.


The zucchini are producing nicely and the second planting is almost ready. We also have a third planting coming along.


Our seedings from last week should be going into the field in about week. The first stage of seeding is in flats (as pictured below). Once they are up we then transplant into cells so that the individual plants can establish good roots. Then they are planted into the field rows. All in all this takes about 3 weeks, then depending on variety another 5-8 weeks until harvest. We continue this rotation throughout the season to maintain a continuous harvest!

Our winter squash field is doing well and we do hope to get some good rain for them to continue to grow and produce flowers so we have some great winter squash in a few months.



Seeded flats – another week and the plants will go into the fields

July 12, 2016 - Finally, some Rain


The rain finally came during the week. Just a trace on Thursday evening then a good storm moved through on Saturday night. Though we had to work in the mud, the rain was very welcome.


News from the Fields & Farm:  We finished the garlic harvest and the garlic is in the upper greenhouse curing. We have started to deliver some of the newly harvested garlic and this week’s variety is Brown Tempest. This variety we have grown for many years and is very popular during our tasting events.


This week we stayed busy replanting the beds. Previous to the rain we had super-hot/humid weather. We do start early in the morning so that we can get the bulk of the field work done before it gets too hot to work.


July 5, 2016 -Happy 4th of July


News from the Fields & Farm:  We started the garlic harvest and have 4 rows out and another 2 rows to go this week. We will try to get some fresh garlic into next week’s delivery as we do like it to start curing to set in the flavors.



In the garlic beds we transplanted cantaloupe and sweet peppers and seeded more zucchini and winter squash. Also additional herbs were transplanted; winter savory, parsley and oregano.


The pea plants are now shut down due to the hot weather. We were hoping that the additional irrigation would have given us another week of harvest but the plants just seemed to collapse overnight. There were quite a few hot-hot days in a row and the plants just didn’t like it. The fava beans were also harvested this week and we will be seeding fava greens for late summer/early autumn delivery.


June 28, 2016 - Super Dry Weather

News from the Fields & Farm:  We transplanted more hot peppers into the field at the farm where the lettuces were harvested last week. We also were able to transplant more heirloom tomatoes, basil and parsley into the round field. With the irrigation on the fields another bed of lettuce is looking good, especially because we lost a lot last week to bolting.


The beets, celery, zucchini, onions and cabbages are all getting close to harvesting over the next few weeks. The fava bean crop is almost ready for harvest and we hope that they will ready next week. We also added another row of zucchini.


The garlic is going to be an early crop this year and we should start the garlic harvest next week. We harvest then put them in the greenhouse on wire racks to start the curing process. This is when the unique flavors for each variety start to set in.


Field 6-26-16


June 21, 2016 - Summer Solstice - Strawberry Moon

This week we have had hot and dry weather. The irrigation system is all hooked up and we were running the water on the sugar snap and snow pea patches all week. John was able to till up the round field finally and we planted more tomatoes, zucchini, herbs and a row of winter squash there. Of the tomatoes planted, about 5 rows were Heirloom tomato varieties. Tonight’s delivery of lettuce will open up some of the beds to plant peppers and beets in our crop rotation plan.

planting round field

The back field the peas are doing well and the fava beans are starting to “bean” up. It looks like we will have a good crop of potatoes from the back field as the plants are getting close to full flower.


We were able to reseed the cucumber rows due to the failure of the transplants in the field during the first planting. We hope that these will respond and produce a good crop of cukes this summer.


Our fields are really looking good. The only unfortunate episode this past week was we lost 30-40 heads of lettuce in the main field due to the plants bolting (which is going to seed). Perhaps it just got too hot for them.


June 14, 2016 - First Delivery of the Season

Welcome to our 21st  year delivering fresh veggies from the farm to our CSA members.

The crew is back – Dory, Michael, Lisa and we have a new employee Tiffany

the crew


News from the Fields & Farm:

Each spring seems to always bring a challenge for planning the planting schedules. The fields are actually in very good shape this year and we have a lot more lettuce than usual at this time of year. The broccoli and cauliflower are looking good. The peas (snow peas in tonight’s delivery and snap peas next week) are probably the best we have every had. The plants have lots of blossoms so they should be producing the peas over the next week or so. A hot spell will shut down the plants.


The zucchini will probably be early this year and we have planted plenty of winter squash. The cucumbers aren’t developing well right now and we will replant during the week.

We a great selection of herbs and tonight includes an early delivery of basil!


The onion crop is growing well, both red & white.


Our garlic crop seems ahead as we need to start harvesting the garlic scapes next week instead of in July.


The tomatoes in tonight’s delivery are greenhouse tomatoes so we can have them in the early deliveries. They aren’t like our heirlooms but do make a nice addition to the start of the season.




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Old Important News:

4-21-2010 - Story on CBS-TV about Community Supported Agriculture

CBS-TV contacted us last month to do a story on CSA's and wanted to visit the farm & interview Farmer Rich. The story aired and you can watch it here!



4-14-2010 - the New greenhouse is done & filling up with plants!

The new greenhouse is finished and we are filling it up with transplants. This greenhouse measures 17 'x 48' and after the transplant sales we will be building beds to grow greens, tomatoes, peppers & more. This is our 5th greenhouse and they really allow for diversification in growing. During rainy weather, we can work in the greenhouses (Farmer Rich hates getting wet!). Last year, our crew missed no work days due to rain, when it was the rainiest season ever.